Hi! I am Margaret, aka *Yaya* at various sites.

I am a product manager working on a future version of what I was using for many years. I also do business analysis and conduct user research.

I am enthusiastic about bridging different cultures and I contributed in Chinese translation for:

I'm a Notion Ambassador.

Currently, I'm supporting Notion Singapore community 🇸🇬 and Chinese community 🇨🇳.

I created a tiny Telegram channel (it's growing!), aiming to bring Notion related news, tips and tricks to Mandarin users. With the help of Craig and Niin, we are transforming into a community called 🧱 theBlock. If you have something to share, submit your post request directly to me!

Here are some of my recognised skills and expertise.

Connect & contact

I keep a journal, using Hobonichi Weeks for 2023! I occasionally update my blog, built with Notion & Nobelium. More often, you can find me sharing random stuff at these places: